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Personal Development Online Coaching Program

To help get you there, you can begin with the first 4 Modules. You can complete them at your own pace and then ask any questions or share any feedback you may have in the CEO of Your Life & Business Facebook group.

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About the program


  • 12 Key Steps to Become the CEO of Your Life Interactive Workbook
  • Four video modules from Melissa Dawn to further offer guidance and inspiration

    Module 1 – Determining Your Core Values

    Module 2 – Your Life Purpose

    Module 3 – Meet Your Captain

    Module 4 – Create Your Big Picture Vision

  • Access to exclusive CEO of Your Life & Business Facebook Community where you will meet other inspiring people and interact with me in the group to ask questions.

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Here is what each module in the course will provide you with:

Module 1

Determining Your Core Values

When we live by our core values, we live joyful lives. Your core values are the guiding principles that will serve as the foundation of your orgasmically joyful business. They will guide decision making, help you create compelling marketing content, and attract clients you will love working with. This module will take you through exercises to uncover your unique core values.

Module 2

Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is your North star, steering you on a course that resonates deeply with your true self. Hand in hand with your core values, it guides your decision making and provides the basis for branding and marketing your business. This module will take you on 3 journeys of discovery to help you uncover your life purpose – something that’s already inside you!

Module 3

Meet Your Captain

Your Captain… is you! It is your highest self. The part of you that is all knowing. Some call it intuition. It is a powerful thing when you can effectively tap into it. Everyone’s Captain is unique to them and their journey. This module will show you how to connect with your Captain, giving you a powerful tool to help guide you through building your successful business.

Module 4

Create Your Big Picture Vision

Visualization is a powerful thing. When you have a clear vision of where you are going, the path to get there also becomes clear. Visualization helps you to assume the energy of what you want to create, so that you can maintain the right mindset for success. This module will help you gain clarity on what you truly want to create, and develop habits to keep yourself in that mindset.

Module 1 – Determining Your Core Values

You can get a taste of Module 1 in this video for free:


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This course consists of 4 modules completed online, at your own pace.

You will also receive:

Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can connect and collaborate with other amazing people who are in the process of creating their orgasmically joyful business as well! (priceless)

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If you are ready to create the life you truly want, one that is a true reflection of YOU, I would be honoured to guide you in my premium step-by-step CEO of Your Life & Business VIP Coaching Program that is personalized to your unique needs, your passions and business goals. Together we will inspire your development and create the life & business you’ve always dreamed of, and one you’ll be excited to wake up to every day!    

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